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Find the best clubs in the city of Prague. Prague is full of exciting nightlife and with our list, you will always find a good bar and club to enjoy your night. Bestclubsprague is here for you!

What is Prague’s Nightlife all about in 2018?

Well this is a question… oh boy….. here we go.

In Prague, you will find cheap beer (in some places), amazing people (girls and guys :-) ) , and just a wild atmosphere. Prague is known to be alive every day of the week, and this is very true. There are parties literally, every single day of the week. The question that always comes up is.. Where do I go? Well, this is why we compiled this list for clubs for you to make that decision easier. Visit them all!

Do not listen to your hotel concierge, your hostel receptionist, or some restaurant waiter. Most of these people have a commission to tell you where to go. Make your own decision based on your music preferences and just how wild you want to get. Some places have great parties, but are not crowded and in some places you cannot even move.

Do not miss the chance to have a wild night in Prague’s nightlife.

Where is the best Hookah? We know! Take a look at our list.

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