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Find the best clubs in the city of Prague. Prague is full of exciting nightlife and with our list, you will always find a good bar and club to enjoy your night. Bestclubsprague is here for you!

A World’s First! Ladies Only ;)

Prague’s nightlife is home of the first Ladies Only club in the World. Yes… a club that allows entrance only to Ladies. Well, this is not true…. there are some men, but only the ones that club has “prepared” for you. There is a dance show by ridiculously ripped professional male strippers every single night they are opened (Wed - Sat), and the only other men are DJs and very professional barmen.

Club Nemas Zac (which means You Welcome in czech) is the ideal location for hen / bachelorette parties, or just a night out with no annoying men. You can check them out here . They have many special packages for all kinds of celebrations. Ladies….. this is a MUST visit! Nightlife for ladies will not be the same.


Do not miss the chance to have a wild night in Prague’s nightlife.

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