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In all honesty, just about any night is good in Prague, but of course some clubs are “better” on certain nights. Small example is KU Bar & Lounge being very popular on Mondays and One Club Prague being popular on Wednesdays. Every night in Prague has something going on.

Our team has lived and experienced all Prague has to offer for over 14 years. Clubs have come and gone, but the ones on our list are here to stay. You will not be disappointed with the choices we have picked for you.

You do not need a reservation to get into the club. Of course, if you wanted guaranteed sitting then it would be best to make a reservation beforehand. Some clubs have a minimum consumption set for a table reservation.

There are not many tourist traps when it comes to the clubs in Prague. There are just a few which we will not name (of course they are not on our list). In general, as far as the nightlife is concerned, you are very safe in Prague and you will definitely have a great time.

Prague has amazing transport. Trams and Metro connects you directly to the center, anywhere you need to go. Most things are also in walking distance once you get into the center. Enjoy your night out!

Haha. Prague’s nightlife is definitely one of a kind. A party every day, with all types of music, cocktails, themes, and people. It is a beautiful city, with an absolutely crazy nightlife. You will find everything from underground clubs with large dogs, to rooftop fashion clubs.

You can reserved a table or an area at each of the clubs simply by clicking on the reservation in the corner of each card.

Have a good time, enjoy the different ambiance each club provides an stay safe. The people, and the parties are a lot of fun!

You can reserved a table or an area at each of the clubs simply by clicking on the reservation in the corner of each card.

Each club varies with its prices, but in general the prices are much cheaper than any other clubs in Europe.

We are big fans of Uber, Taxify and Nejlevnejsi Taxi. A lot of the other services are very overpriced. If you happen to go out with a car and end up drinking, then Modry Andel is a perfect service for you.

Find the best clubs in the city of Prague. Prague is full of exciting nightlife and with our list, you will always find a good bar and club to enjoy your night. Bestclubsprague is here for you!

Where is the best Hookah? We know! Take a look at our list.

Do not miss the chance to have a wild night in Prague’s nightlife.

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